It all started 8 years ago when Ek, the co-founder was shopping for outdoor furniture. There was hardly any variety of outdoor furniture that he could choose from. He found that really strange, as Singapore enjoys a tropical climate and it makes perfect sense to enjoy outdoor living here. So he started a hunt for stylish outdoor furniture that could withstand the heat and rain. When he found it, he realised that many people in Singapore have beautiful outdoor spaces- balconies, patios, terraces; and that most people did not make the most of their outdoor space. 

He decided to sell the outdoor furniture that would inspire people in enjoying their outdoor space.

Now, fast forward 8 years, Konopi is one of the few furniture businesses in Singapore that specialises in outdoor furniture. We distribute and retail a collection of stylish outdoor furniture that is built to last in our climate. We carry a range of different brands so we are able to supply to both consumers and projects with specific requirements. From chairs and stools to dining tables and loungers, all our products are designed to enhance the way you live outdoors.

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